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However you would like to integrate our core technologies into your products, we are happy to work with you to deliver the exact solution you need.

We are here to provide the help, support and expertise to match your detailed requirements.

Our expert engineers are available to work with your engineering team to assist in the integration of our technologies into your products and the customisation of our software to deliver the capabilities your products demand.


Driver assistance functions, fully autonomous, and driverless cars require multiple sensors working together to provide a clear picture of the real-time status of the vehicle. High-resolution time-of-flight imaging or flash lidar can be used to monitor the space around vehicles to provide sophisticated situational awareness, particularly with recent developments to increase range of operation and performance in strong ambient light. Contact us to discuss our unique approach to meeting this market need.

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Time-of-flight imaging finds many applications in the medical sector, including patient positioning, patient tracking, and monitoring of surgical areas and operations. Contact us to learn more about how our time-of-flight technology can be incorporated into medical devices and applications.

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