StarForm 3D Time-of-Flight Camera

For market leading 3D image acquisition from a single camera, the StarForm™ camera from Odos Imaging is the perfect solution.

The camera incorporates state-of-the-art time-of-flight technology to deliver range and intensity measurement at each pixel over the complete image area.

By capturing perfectly registered range (3D) and intensity (2D) images the StarForm camera opens up completely new ways of extracting information from images.

For example, the 2D image can be used to extract feature and edge information. This image segmentation can then be combined with the 3D range data to build a full understanding of any scene.


Examples of where this capability is proving to be highly beneficial include automatic palletisation/de-palletisation, carton and object volume or sizing, fruit measurement, pick location and fill volume measurement.

Take advantage of highly flexible configuration and triggering options, including on-board image storage, to deliver the ideal images needed to solve all kinds of complex machine vision tasks.

Pulsed laser illumination, together with short image sensor exposure times provides the ability to capture 3D images even in situations with high ambient light levels. Additional illumination units are available to increase performance under challenging conditions, as well as accessories such as trigger cables and breakout terminals.

Industry standard GigEVision connectivity with a GeniCam interface provides the simplest possible way to interface to standard machine vision software packages.


Each camera is delivered with StarStreamer control and capture software as well as a comprehensive C++/.NET SDK (Software Development Kit), detailed software examples and extensive user manuals.


Sensor CMOS 1280 x 1024 pixel global shutter, progressive scan
Format 1 1/3”, 23mm diagonal, 14 μm pixel size
Image 10 bit internal ADC, 16/14/12/10/8 bit GigEVision data formats
Modes intensity only, range only, intensity-range interleaved
Exposure continuous, software triggered, hardware triggered, programmable time
Frame-rate 30 fps streaming video, 450 fps burst mode (1.3s storage, intensity only)
Range 0 – 8 m, can be extended with additional illumination modules
Precision Down to 1 cm, dependent on operation
Ambient Excellent light immunity, suitable for outdoor applications
Illumination Invisible 905 nm, pulsed laser diodes, Class 1 eye-safe
Power Camera and dual strobe lighting units, 12V DC, 20 W (typical)
Connectors Power, trigger input, 4 strobe outputs, 12 pin general purpose I/O, RJ45 Ethernet
Interface Plug-and-Play GeniCam compliant GigEVision connectivity
Lens C-mount (CS or Nikon F mount via adaptors)
Dimensions Camera: 80x80x104 mm, Illumination units: 45x70x75 mm (each)
Weight Camera: 900 g, illumination units: 250 g (each)
Software Odim™ control and capture software, C++, C#, .NET SDK support, documentation and examples

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