StarForm-Swift 3D Time-of-Flight Camera

The latest 3D camera from Odos Imaging provides smooth dynamic 3D point clouds directly over a gigabit ethernet interface. Fully integrated and housed in a single unit, the StarForm-Swift is suitable for direct deployment in industrial environments.


Resolution 640x480 pixels
Frame Rate up to 40 fps
Operating Range 0 - 6 metres
Precision ~ 1 cm under typical application settings
Field-of-View 47° x 37° (H x V)
Illumination 7x LEDs @ 850 nm
Output Data Options xyz point cloud, range, active infrared
Interface GigEVision and GenICam compatible
Power 12 VDC / 15 W
Software .NET / C++ SDK
Host PC Windows 7/8/10 / Linux

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