These are just a selection of the applications where the StarForm™ camera is able to deliver valuable benefits for a range of industrial, logistics and agricultural applications:

Logistics – pallet management

High resolution depth images ensure packages and pallets can be rapidly and accurately sorted, dimensioned and profiled. An intensity image can also be captured at the same time, from the same sensor for tracking, manifest, security, and recording purposes. Sensor systems mounted on a fork lift can allow for weight and dimensions of target objects to be captured in real-time, increasing the efficiency of the process flow.


Logistics – palletisation/de-palletisation

Increasing the flexibility and efficiency of robot palletising and de-palletising stations with the provision of distance information is particularly suited to mixed load operations. Absolute dimensions and positions can be acquired and used as the input to space optimizing routines, improving the utilization of space in freight transport, as well as allowing efficient unpacking operations, even for pallets that have shifted in transit.



Carton/Object – dimensioning and profiling

Dimensioning solutions using a single StarForm camera offer major benefits over traditional laser curtain approaches, as multiple objects may be dimensioned at the same time, allowing increased throughput and utilisation. This approach provides detailed XYZ, orientation and minimum bounding box information about each object. It is also possible to use the 2D intensity image to check the condition of the carton or object for manifest and tracking purposes.


Factory Automation – completeness check

Combining 3D and 2D images can be used to create robust completeness or presence checking systems. Check that each outbound packing container is fully loaded with the correct number of cartons or items before sealing, and avoid costly customer returns.



Agriculture – growth management

Precision agriculture is an exciting area of growth for the automation supply industry. Increasing global population and a renewed focus on resources has driven novel solutions to increase efficiency in the sector. Here a combination of 3D imaging and infra-red 2D imaging is able to identify the size and exact location in three dimensions of each piece of fruit or vegetable.



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