StarStop Freeze Motion Camera

Our StarStop Freeze Motion Camera is discontinued and no longer available for sale.


Sensor CMOS 1280 x 1024 pixel global shutter, progressive scan
Format 1 1/3”, 23mm diagonal, 14 μm pixel size
Image 10 bit ADC, 16 bit in memory, 55 dB dynamic range
Record 605 frames at full resolution in under 1.5 sec
Lighting Invisible 905 nm, min. pulse 30 ns, Class 1 eye-safe
Power Camera and dual strobe lighting units, 12V DC, 20 W (typical)
Connectors Power, trigger input, 4 strobe outputs, 12 pin general purpose I/O, RJ45 Ethernet
Interface Plug-and-Play GeniCam compliant GigEVision connectivity
Dimensions Camera: 80x80x104 mm, laser strobe units: 45x70x75 mm
Weight Camera: 900 g, illumination units: 250 g (each)
Software Odim™ control and capture software, C++, C#, .NET SDK support, documentation and examples
GPIO 12 pin GPIO, 4 channels trigger input (1x high-speed), 7 x strobe output (3x logic, 3x open drain, 1x high-speed)
Filtering Horizontal and vertical user configurable FIR filters (width up to 16 pixels), can be used to implement real-time image filtering e.g. Gaussian, boxcar, derivative etc.
Digital Gain Onboard control of digital gain, contrast, and brightness
Sequencer Optional four channel sequencer (5V / 50 Ohm), arbitrary burst pulse generation synchronous with camera exposure

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