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Swift-E (EtherNet/IP)

Part Number: OI-E1480

Product Profile 0.1 MB Download
Installation Instructions 0.5 MB Download
User Manual 10 MB Coming Soon!

Swift-G (GenICam)

Part Numbers: OI-G148x (with M12 power and GPIO connectors)

Product Brochure 8 MB Download
Hardware Manual 3 MB Download
User Guide 3 MB Download
3D CAD Model (.step format) 3 MB Coming Soon!


Part Numbers: OI-SW-048x (with jack-plug power and DB9 GPIO connectors)

See PCN details below

Quickstart Guide 2 MB Download
Hardware Guide 3 MB Download
GenICam Reference 0.5 MB Download
3D CAD Model (.step format) 3 MB Download
Firmware Update Guide 0.5 MB Download

Product Change Notification - OI-SW-048x

These products have been subject to a change.

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