Time-of-Flight imaging for machine vision

Fast, simple 3D

Connect and stream 3D data within seconds. Swift-G directly outputs calibrated range and intensity images over GenICam into your favourite image processing suite. Frame rates up to 44fps can be used to for reliable capture of dynamic scenes without artefact.

Alternatively, develop your own application using one of the available SDKs – Windows and Linux desktop platforms, and also ARM SDKs are available for embedded platforms.

Fast, simple 3D

Easy industrial deployment

GenICam over a GigE Vision makes interfacing to industry standard machine vision software processing suites quick and simple.

Integrated funtionality

Sensors, optics, illumination, processing and power are contained in a industrial housing.
Infrared filters prevent unwanted light from reaching the sensor whilst the GPIO interface enables external triggering and synchronization of the camera.

Range and Active IR images

Range and active IR image provide freedom to work with the best data for any given application. As the same pixel is used, both range and IR images are fully registered. The IR image also doubles as a confidence map.

Streaming point cloud output

Swift-G SDK supports a calibrated 3D point cloud at up to 44 fps, allowing operations with metric 3D data in seconds.



Parameter Value
Resolution 640×480 pixels
Frame Rate up to 44fps
Operating Range 0.5 – 6 meters
Precision ~ 1 cm (typical, varies with return signal level)
Field of View 43°x33° (H x V, measured in center)
Illumination 7x LEDs @ 850 nm
Output Data xyz point cloud (via SDK), range, active infrared
Interface GigEVision and GenICam compatible
Power 12 VDC / 20W (typical), 60W (peak)
Software StarStream-Swift Demo Software (Windows)
SDK .NET (Windows)/ C++ (documented with examples) W7/W8/W10/Linux (i686, x86_64, armhf, AArch64)

Swift-G Literature

Brochure, user guide and hardware guide is available to directly download from the Literature Library:

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