Reconfigurable 3D sensor

Reconfigurable 3D Sensing

The industry is evolving. Consumer expectations of mass personalization are driving the need for more and more product variability. These market forces are driving the need of  flexible manufacturing and increased spatial awareness.

The new Swift-E is a fully reconfigurable 3D sensor, allowing users to create up to 255 templates, each with up to 64 virtual sensing zones that enable machine builders and production plants to stay on top of the new market trends.

Reconfigurable 3D Sensing

Easy industrial deployment

Reconfigurable 3D sensing combined with an EtherNet/IP interface provide easy integration with the control system.

Built-in Software

All that is needed to configure and run Swift-E is built-in. All the processing is in the device, so no additional compute hardware is necessary. Results are provided to the controllers via EtherNet/IP

Integrated Illumination

Integrated infrared illumination eliminates the need of any additional lighting source simplifying the deployment of systems in most industrial environments

Industrial 3D sensing

Swift-E is factory calibrated for high precision. Its high resolution combined with the technology capability for fast image capture deliver very fast results, making it ideal for industrial applications

Built-in Applications

The device includes applications for fully reconfigurable measurement of height or distance in high speed industrial automation implementations delivering results where other technologies fall short.

EtherNet/IP Integration

Connectivity using EtherNet/IP integrates information into the industrial control system, providing actionable results where they are needed.

Optimized Range

A 640 x 480 pixels frame, combined with a 43 x 33 deg lens opening, provide high quality sensing in a range of typically between 0.5 and 6 meters


Parameter Value
Resolution 640×480 pixels
Response Time ~100 ms (trigger to data)
Operating Range 0.5 – 6 m (~1.5 to 20 ft) (typical)
Precision ~ 1 cm (typical at 2m, varies with return signal level)
Field of View 43°x33° (H x V, measured in center)
Illumination 7x LEDs @ 850 nm
Output Data Height, Distance
Interface EtherNet/IP
Power 12 VDC / 20W (typical), 60W (peak)
Operating Temperature -20 to 50 deg C
Virtual Sensing Zones Up to 64 virtual sensing zones can be created (application dependent) for every template
Number of Templates Up to 255 different templates can be created


Swift-E Literature

Product Profile and Installation Instructions (User Manual coming soon) is available to directly download from the Literature Library:

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