3D Sensing and Imaging Solutions

Industrial Automation

Adapting to changing customer and consumer expectations demands ever-increasing flexibility from manufacturing and packing lines. The Reconfigurable 3D Sensing technology from Odos Imaging is designed to provide easy to use 3D Sensing with the ability to adapt to the needs of flexible manufacturing.

Easy integration

Swift-E is optimized to deliver the right information to industrial control systems via EtherNet/IP.
The GenICam interface and GigEVision connectivity in Swift-G plus advanced software tools make interfacing to industry standard machine vision software quick and simple.

Integrated functionality

Time-of-Flight devices like Swift-E and Swift-G contain all aspects of the system in a single, robust and easy to use industrial package: an advanced image sensor, lens, powerful illumination, on-board processing capability with embedded industrial applications and networking.

Time-of-flight technology

Odos Imaging was founded in 2010 to exploit innovative time-of-flight 3D imaging technology. The acquisition by Rockwell Automation in 2017 accelerated the deployment of our high resolution 3D devices in a wide range of industrial automation applications.